What is the best way to move a chameleon cage?


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This may be kind of a strange question, but My chameleon is currently not in my room, we had to move it after an ant outbreak occured. The situation is controlled now, and I re-organized my room so that the cage wont be on the outside wall. Currently, I am not able to handle him without stressing him out. Keeping him in the room that he is in until I upgrade his cage, wouldn't be a problem if the room were lower traffic. Also it is at the end of the main hallway in our house, so I'm afraid the lights in the hall going on and off all the time are disrupting his sleep.

So here's my question: Is there a way I can move both him and his cage back to my room safely, and with low stress? :eek::confused:

Thank you for your help! :)
The ones that stress out i normally move by putting a sheet over the cage. If im just moving an animal, normally i can move the log or stick they are in/on at night when they are asleep.
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