what is the best supplement schedule?


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i have heard you can use calcium without D3 every feeding and then use calcium with D3 and a multi vitamin (not in one sitting obviously) at least twice a month? but then i heard to use the calcium with D3 and multi vitamin (not in one sitting obviously) every two weeks or so! if anyone has any information on what is the best way to supplement and a good schedule and what brands of supplements works best would also be very helpful!

thank you :?


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For many years I have dusted with RepCal phos free calcium powder lightly at almost every feeding. Twice a month I dust lightly with RepCal phos free calcium/D3 powder and twice a month lightly with a vitamin powder with a beta carotene ( prOformed) source of vitamin A. D3 from supplements and prEformed vitamin A can build up in the system so this is why I do it this way. This leaves the chameleon to produce the rest of the D3 from its exposure to the sunlight or UVB light. It also leaves it up to you to decide if/when the chameleon needs some prEformed vitamin A.

You need to feed/gutload the crickets, grasshoppers, roaches and superworms well too with a wide assortment of veggies and greens and a bit of fruit.


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When in doubt, ask your breeder. There are combos, you dont want bill's supliment sched, ted's gut load/feeders, and Lonnie's UVB output.
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