What else do you think I need to get?

Curtis James

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Hmm what else should I buy!?

50 mealworms included as well!
Are you also getting silkies or hornworms from another place, because I would totally get a small group of either eggs or some already hatched depending on whether you have your cham or not and how big he/she is.
Butter worms are a great feeder along with silks and horns. Get a multi vitamin and make sure you have hoods for your lighting....and a water dripper. I know I'm still forgetting things..
You need a chameleon and a secure place to keep it! Good luck, I have had my first for about a week now and she is doing great! :)
I have a hand mister and stick insects as well as crickets and dubia roaches and multivit and woodlice and fruit flies as well......but you can muddle through a little bit. It is a learning curve for everyone :D
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