What do these colors mean?


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My veiled chameleon gets dark when I take him outside. He was also a dark brown when I came home from work today. He was basking and the temp was 81 Fahrenheit. Is this normal?


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Stressed for sure. The cham will feel safer and less stressed in a tree or branchy plant during outside time. I have a ficus and hibiscus free range on my deck that I bring my veiled to during outside time. Always keep your eye on them while outside.
So it would be better if I had some vines or branches he could crawl on? How do I know what he can/can’t crawl around on?

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Hibiscus is a great and cheap option. I have about 5 of them potted and 2 outside ones. You can get them everywhere - Walmart, home depot, Lowes, etc. Word of warning though... if you buy you hibiscus from anywhere that isn't specifically for chams, "clean" the plant. There are multiple ways to clean it, but basically get as much dirt out as possible and replant it. Also, I'd let the plant sit a few days to watch for any kind of pests (esp if it's from a retail shop). Before I learned my lesson, I had a massive mite issue due to a home depot plant.

Best wishes!!
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