What do hornworms eat?


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My question is what can hornworms eat? I bough my first batch about 1 week ago, and they are getting huge!! I'll probably keep a few and let them turn into moths. But what can I feed them to keep them alive? They came with the "Hornworm Chow", and it is almost out...
They will eat just about any veggie you would use to gut load. I have fed them various greens, carrots, bell pepper, squash and sweet potato.
I havnt had them in quite awhile, but if memory serves me right, I would leave them in the fridge about half the day
I leave them in the frig for a day or two at a time. Then let them out for day. This way you can make them last a couple weeks longer.
What my hornworms eat

I've been trying out different foods for my hornworms after their chow ran out. the LOVE raw potato/potato peelings. I also noticed they love banana, but noticed they got a little hyper/aggressive after eating the banana. maybe it was because of the sugar in it? they might've gotten a sugar rush. They also did enjoy a bit of mushed blackberry. but didn't really care for blueberry or lettuce. :D

hope i helped! :)
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