What causes MBD?


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What causes MBD and what is the proper way to cure it?
I have seen many chams on here with it and im scared mine in I will get a pic in soon. Also what are the signs of it?
I think...

I think it's a calcium deficiency that causes it, isn't it? and improper lighting to metabolize the calcium properly? Tara
Yes, lack of Calcium, and sometimes too much calcium can cause MBD. Like dusting every day for long periods etc. etc. There is no cure for MBD, but you can stop it from getting any worse, or so I think. For example, if he/she has bowed limbs due to MBD, you can nurse him/her back to full health, but he/she will still have bowed limbs.

Some signs are bowed limbs, bent casque, jittery movement, soft lower jaw, inablity to eat, having a hard time climbing etc. The vet will usually prescribed a dietary supplement/vitamin D3.
The cause of MBD is improper dusting and improper UVB lighting. To prevent MBD make sure you provide your chameleon with the proper lighting... I cannot stress this enough. Make sure you have a good UVB bulb (Reptisun by Zoo-Med makes a good UVB bulb). Also, rays from UVB bulbs will decrease as they age. Make sure your replace your UVB bulb at least every 6 months (whether or not your light is still working).

Zoo-med makes UVB bulbs in various strengths (2.0, 5.0, 8.0 and 10.0). I use 5.0 for baby chameleon cages, 8.0 for medium sized cages, and the 10.0 for large cages that require a deeper penetration due to cage size. A little tip given to me by Mike, was to use a permanant marker to place the date on the bulb itself in order to see when it is time to replace your UVB bulb. Great tip!

Providing your chameleon with the proper dusting schedule of Vitamin D3 will also prevent your chameleon from obtain MBD, in addition to proper lighting.
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