What are your chameleons names?

Discussion in 'The Lizard Lounge' started by ColorCham427, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. ColorCham427

    ColorCham427 Avid Member

    Hey all, I'd like to hear what name(s) u gave your chameleon(s)...
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  2. De Vinci

    Uncle Sam

    Sweety Pie

    Cutie Pie


    big Daddy


    and many more.LOL

  3. Calavera

    Calavera New Member





  4. Guido (veiled), Matisse (veiled), Wolfgang (veiled), Pegasus (panther morph cross from Kammers), Hercules (Melleri), Rantabe (Sambava), Sirama (Sambava), Ramina (Sambava), and the Pygmys: Henry Higgins, Mrs. Higgins, Eliza, Colonel Pickering, Mrs. Pearce, Alfred.
  5. bluegoldfish

    bluegoldfish New Member

    "cham" short for chameleon lol, i still havn't thought of a proper name for him!
  6. Trinacham

    Trinacham New Member

    Mine is called Calvin.

    It took ages for me to find a name, chameleons don't suit a lot of names. I was also thinking of calling him Quincy lol.
  7. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    I have Leon, Carla, Oscar, Nosy, Nippy, Pickle(pygmy), and 2 un-named pygmies!
  8. tintin189

    tintin189 New Member

    My male panther is called "MOJO", what do you think?
  9. jpaol99

    jpaol99 New Member

    Just named my ambanja panther "Achilles" :)

  10. Guardian

    Guardian New Member

    Ms. Creecher
  11. Dylan Dutz

    Dylan Dutz New Member

    I'm going to name mine Flash:)
  12. lbesok

    lbesok Avid Member

    Here are some names from what I have/had:
    Vega (Nosy)
    Corona (Nosy)
    Mufasa (Ambi)
    Surabi (Ambi)
    Jack Daniels (Ambanja)
    Jill (Sambava)
    Yemen (Veiled)
  13. bucky

    bucky New Member

    My first cham was a sambava,his name was Steve after Steve Irwin:) And my current ambilobe's name is Louie, after the budweiser chameleon commercials lol.
  14. reptimom

    reptimom Avid Member

    My Chameleons are:
    Mysia (Rudis)
    Roman (Rudis)
    Bithnyia (Rudis)
    Abydos (pygmy)
    Celecia (pygmy)
    Asia (pygmy)
    Sambatra (Ambanja):)
  15. I think that's a great name. He's really cute. Lots of "freckles".
  16. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    my chameleon's name is Columbus
  17. christyo2o2

    christyo2o2 New Member

    our chams name is Scooter. justin calles him mr.scoots and i call him scooter pie : )
  18. My two previous chameleons names were Stella (female veiled) and Sid (male ambanja).

    I need to name my two current male veileds... I haven't been able to think of anything.
  19. bg77

    bg77 New Member

    My male veiled is Phoenix...
  20. BigTex

    BigTex New Member


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