What are the best feeders for 4 month olds?


Hey I’m a soon-to-be chameleon owner but I’m curious on feeders. My roommates wouldn’t approve of roches or flying insects so I’ve resorted to focusing on worms and crickets. Before I get him, I want to get a good idea of what is healthiest for him. Do you have any suggestions on what combination of feeders I should get and what website are the best to get them from? Thanks in advance!


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When I got my first chameleon she was roughly that age aswell. I gave her small crickets but it seemed like she was just inhaling them. You can try medium crickets( dusted obviously) or superworms/hornworms as a treat maybe even loctus if they aren’t too big for him


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Both my panthers we're eating the small 1/2 in at that age but they we're eating like 20. I started mixing in the mediums at about 5 months and they were able to take them down. The mediums helped them not eat so many. I would give them 3 mediums and 10 smalls and see how much they would eat. I tried giving g them supers and small dubia and they wouldn't touch them. At 7 months the my male will eat supers, silks and horns now but still won't touch dubia .
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