What age can dubia roaches be fed to male veilds?


Self-explanitory question. I have a 3-4 month old veiled, when can he start eating some dubia roaches?
Tonight! So long as they are appropriately sized. Remember, try not to feed anything wider than the space between the animal's eyes.
But that's what I'm asking. How big do dubia roaches get, you know? I don't want them to grow up and be too big for my chameleon to eat, and then I end up having to throw them out.
They come in any size from tiny to adult, which is a couple inches long. The adults live for a good year too, so even if you order a varied lot of nymphs and some are too large to feed you can keep them, raise them, and get your own colony going. By the time your guy is full grown your adults will have been producing babies and you can feed off the big adult males or any of the nymph sizes.

It's super affordable and convenient to get a roach colony going.
I agree, get a colony going if you can!

As for what size to feed, if the space between the eyes is 1/4". You can feed 1/4" dubia. You can slow down their growth quite a bit by keeping them at 65-75 degrees. They are not fast growing. From babies to adults can take 4-6 months.
And I highly recommend starting a roach colony for your savannah alone, they love them and they're a great food choice for them. So your colony will end up being useful for all your reptile pets.
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