What A Relief! Finally laid her eggs!


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Had a bit of a scare with my female veiled chameleon named Chamele. She had stopped eating abruptly and started visiting the bottom of her cage in a very anxious state. A previous vet visit forewarned me that she had follicles developing, but the vet was uncertain whether they would develop into eggs or simply be reabsorbed. Chamele is approximately 11 months old and has never mated. This would be her first clutch. Well, another visit to the vet to confirm that she was OK, but about ready to lay her eggs. The vet warned me that she had a lot of eggs. I had previously constructed a laying bin out of a plastic storage container with a folding lid, soil and sand mixture, a dracaena for comfort and catching water droppings. I would place her in the bin whenever I noticed she was investigating the bottom of her habitat. Well, after visiting the vet, I quickly modified her lay bin so that her habitat permanently sits on top. It wasn't 36 hours and she disappeared for two days! Then one morning I noticed her on her favorite branch and boy did she look like she needed a bath! She looked considerably thinner too. Tried offering her some food, but she didn't want anything. The next morning, she finally took some food after almost 8 days without eating anything noticeable. The next day, her appetite had returned with a ferocity I've never seen and it continues to grow each day! I waited a few days before going on my egg hunt. Turns out, she had dug a foot long tunnel about 7 inches beneath the surface of the soil! Found the eggs and carefully sifted through the substrate to ensure I found them all. ALL 50 of them!!! They all appeared as if they would have been viable eggs had she been mated. Debating whether I should ever try breading her. Any thoughts or suggestions?

The morale of this story is always have a lay bin available to your female chameleon(s).


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Awesome dude! My girl also just layed her first clutch. Got 51 eggs but idk if mine are fertilized or not because old owner told me she may have been.
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