What’s up with Jack?


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As the bulk of my experience is regarding lady veiled’s, I need a bit of learning about the guys.
Jack’s colors have been brightening up after what seemed like forever of him looking washed out. Yay! His activity levels have stayed pretty consistent and except for his occasionally troublesome right eye, he’s been acting like a normal chameleon. However, this morning when I opened his enclosure to feed him, he immediately climbed to the top of the open door to escape and then willingly climbed on my hand. He ate just fine and after he was climbing the top of the door again (it was closed though). I opened the door and extended my hand and he again climbed onto me, walking up my arm with purpose and appeared to be trying to get to my face. I kept him out and held him for a bit and wow! He was climbing all up and down my arm and that of stepdaughter. Absolutely nothing has changed in or around his enclosure or anything else for that matter.
Hammlet has always been very active, patrolling every inch of his enclosure a few times a day. Jack’s activity levels have been closer to my ladies’.
So what I’m wondering is if there is a mating season or similar where nature’s urges to reproduce are more prominent. Is Jack trying to get out and find himself a lady? Or perhaps his health has improved so that he’s feeling like a normal healthy cham and his activity levels will now be more like Hammlet’s? If the latter, I’ll need to plan on giving him a double wide enclosure too.
Many thanks in advance for any words of wisdom. :)


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How old is Jack? IME, chameleons will start to actively seek out a mate once they mature (8-12 months). This usually doesn't last too long before they go back to their normal activity level. Patrolling their enclosure each day (often several times a day). My guy, Chuck, roams his enclosure throughout the day and still sometimes climbs the screen (even @ 13 months). Then he settles into his basking spot for a while before patrolling again.

Sounds like either way, Jack is feeling better and has a lot more energy!


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I got him in October and was told he was about 1 1/2 years old, so that makes him around 2 now. His previous keeper had incorrect husbandry, so he’s had some health concerns and has kept me worried about him and whether or not his issues would be life long or not. If today’s increased restlessness/activity is that of a normal healthy male panther, I’ll be shouting out Hallelujahs! He is just the sweetest little man and I adore him.

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I'd say he's feeling much better now.

My little dude is about 8 months now, and doing very similar (except for letting me anywhere near him, but I haven't pressed the issue).


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I don’t have a panther but it sounds like ole Jack is looking for a girlfriend! Glad he’s perked up😄

As far as a bigger enclosure goes that’s always a great thing but from my experience they still wanna get out and roam. Basil has a nearly 4x5 and runs to the front when he sees me so he can come out lol! I give in of course and let him walk around...
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