What’s the right decision here?


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I do have a local farm store/pet store that sells some animal like fish and parrots and such. They have crickets so maybe I’ll go there instead. They don’t sell lizards other than little green anoles I think. I’m not even sure they have those anymore, I think they mainly sell birds and fish. Theyre a family owned business.

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I do similar. A couple of local pet stores (not the big-boxes) have crix, so I've been getting 50 LG at a time. I have a cricket keeper; they last me about a week, ± Sometimes I only lose a few; other imes I lose half or more. Those I've been getting lately don't die off as fast, and don't chirp (YAY!)

But I also keep dubias and lay in small supplies (100 ea.) supers & giant mealies.
Wait I’ve never gotten any that chirp am I lucky 😂 or just the people. I buy at petsmart bc it’s just so easy ( no looking at reptiles for me I’ll get hooked) I want to soon be on a subscription based thing does anyone have any place or website where it’s subscribtion based and can order 50-100 crickets
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