Went to local rep expo, fell in love....


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So me, my gf, and her son went to a local reptile expo. They had never been to one but I have but wanted to take them because they love reptiles and I thought they would like it. Now I've always wanted a chameleon but never got one. I've had anoles, monitors, turtles, fish, etc but never a cham. So we go to the show with no intention of buying anything and then we see this handsome fella and fell in love. We talked to the breeder and he's needing to make space so unfortunatly for him, he's needing to let him go. He's barely 1 yr old but we're getting his mesh cage thats 4x2x2, all his vines and stuff, lights, whole she-bang. We're getting him July 7th because we're going on vacation next week and we'll be back the week of July 4th.

So anyways, I've come here to learn and read up on everything I can cham. I always want to know what I'm getting into and do as much research as possible so i can give the best care to what it is I'm taking ownership of. This site has been a tremendous help so far just reading the care sheets and threads created by members. I would just like to thank everyone for making this site so awesome. But alittle about the cham itself. We decided to name it "Jaws" because the crest reminds me of a shark fin and I love sharks lol. He wasnt afraid of us and seemed very friendly and carefree. Seemed very well taken care of and the current owner/breeder has taken alot of time "taming" hime to the point he's not stressed around ppl. Eyes looked bright, all toes are there, tail curls, everything checked out. So without further adue, heres the gorgeous young cham we're getting in a few weeks =)



Welcome to the forums!

That is one fantastic looking veild (you will be getting on my birthday). No one here is going to fault you for falling in love.

We are here to answer all your questions and are looking forward to picture updates!
Hello and welcome to our world. Most of us can go back and say - I didn't really plan this but ..... For some it has been a lot more years than for others, lots of good people here who will offer help. If you look on the left side of the screen there is a tab that says Care Resources. It is a wealth of knowledge.
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