Well, we tried really hard :(


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It does not look like Spike Bobby Kevin is going to make it through the day. He took a sudden turn last night and this morning he is barely there. We are very sad. It is surprising how attached you can become to a little creature when you are caring for him like that.

We did our best to save him, but I guess he was just too far gone when we got him.

Thanks to everyone for your help and advice. We have a great set up and will look for a new pet that might be a little easier. Maybe a crested gecko. Just don't think we could stand to do another Cham if he got sick.

Thanks again.
Sorry to hear about that.

I had a similar experience with my veiled named Sherman, it was devastating losing him. We had him cremated and he now sits above my new chameleons cage :D.

Getting a new chameleon was the best way to fill the void in our hearts at least. Seeing a guy all healthy again makes us smile. As a matter of fact, we are getting another one soon!

-Just know that chameleons get sick sometimes, this is the nature of being a chameleon owner, people that are excellent caregivers considered professionals can still have problems, as with any animal. This is why we all do our part in making sure there is resources out there such as this website to assist people.

IMO don't let one experience change your judgments about the animal if you love them enough. Thats just my two cents on the situation, geckos are cool too! if you still decide to do that instead.
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