Well...I'm back. :P


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I tried to stay off after re-homing Tini because I wanted a cham back in my life, but I finally broke and came back on. I sadly do not have a cham still, but did get a happy update on Tini in her new home a little while ago. :) She was rehomed because my senior year got busy and my parents did not want to take care of a cham while I stayed on campus at college. :( But camimom is already trying to get me back into it once I get my own place...haha.

But! Now that I am back I can share what I did buy myself as a graduation gift. hehe. After buying all the necessary stuff of course.

I have a new 55 gallon salt water fish tank going. :) My dad talked me into switching, and his friend is helping so we can do it all right. I have, what seem to be, a mated pair of clown fish, a diamond goby, an electric blue crab, and a sea urchin. :D I'm very impatient to put some new fish in there after we make sure it stays good for a few weeks.

And then I still have my boxer Chaos, who is just as great as ever.

So that's my update and post to say I'm back. :D
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