Weird question

I do for a juvenille Jackson in a 12"x18"x20" cage and the reflector is 6" I believe. His basking spot is 84-86*F.
thank you very much Jordan u answerd my question... i was just wondering the tempeture of it... thanx alot...
Just because Jordans Basking spot is that temperature, in NO way means that your's will be if you use the exact same bulb. It all depends on your ambient temperature.

You cannot say, "A 40W bulb will make the temperatures about 85 degrees."
i know but it was a guess... im not at home but it was a "Guestimate" ..more of a bet... in stuck in traffic with a laptop. so yea my friends guessed it would be different and i guest around 80 - 87F so yea it was just a weird question
I agree.
You need to test it without the animal in the enclosure and get a reading after at least an hour before you decide if the temp is suitable.
If you need to you could do this in a spot near where your chameleon is kept, just make sure the distance is the same once you attach it to the enclosure and continue monitering the temp throughout the day.

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