Weird mood?

My Cham Lloyd is brown and is searching for a way out when in his enclosure but as soon as I let him come out (he has ropes he climbs around on) he brightens back up. I have also been catching him basking with his mouth open, there’s no extra saliva so I don’t think it’s a lower RI but I’m somewhat new to Chams. He’s not eatting as much as he used to, before as soon as I put the cricket bowl in he ran down to it now he is kinda leaving it. He only ate one till I brought the bowl closer to him and he had another one. Any ideas? Don’t want to go to get unless it’s actually something wrong.


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Nothing wrong, perfectly normal behavior for a Cham growing up. He wants out so her can patrol his territory and find a girlfriend. If he is gaping while basking that’s fine, it’s when he is doing it a lot outside of his spot that you need to keep an eye out for.
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