I have a 4mo panther Cham who was weighed at the vet yesterday. I know she isn't a herp expert but she did weigh him and he was 32grams
Is this about right for his age, gender, species?
just in general, I know there alot of variables. Just don't want him too thin or chubby!
Thank you help as always
i think something is wrong with your numbers 32g is crazy for a 4 month old are sure it wasnt 3.2g i could be wrong tho
after looking around id say i am wrong but that still is a big 4m old i believe my 9-10m veiled is only 59.4g i just weighed him i would check my almost 3m old panther but i dont wanna scare him he so tiny still and is just warming up to handleing
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I called to double check, vet said 32grams. And is 5.5in s/ v
Ahhh Hoj, now you have an already paranoid/ neurotic owner more so!
Kidding, I would call Liddy/ Ed but they are not available right now.
Thank you for getting back to me, really.
32 grams sounds about normal for a 4 month old male panther. You can always post a picture and we can see if he looks thin or fat.
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well my guy definatly has some growing todo in the next month LoL hes so small right now about 2 inch vent to vent im gunna weigh him tomorrow if he seem kool with it and see
based on the size, it seems fine...

I have an almost 5 month old panther who has gained almost no weight since I got him, he is 2.5" s/v and 10.5grams
This is interesting because I was just about to start a new thread concerning "healthy" cam weights. since im going to my first reptile expo this weekend, hopefully to pick up one for myself, Ive been wondering what to look out for as far as a healthy wieght for a male cham, preferably a panther but also willing to choose a vieled or jacksons, dependingi on whats available at the time? Im looking for a juvi between the ages of 3-5 months.
Check the vendor list to see who is coming. See if any of our sponsors will be there. At least then you will have honorable breeders to start your search.
Liddy told me he was the biggest in his clutch, so im ok with the 32grams/5.5 in s/ v, as long as you guys feel he is in the norm
s/v or SVL is snout to vent length.

If it helps, my Panther's weights and measures so far are:

9weeks 4g 1.25"svl
10weeks 6g 1.5"svl
11weeks 8.5g 2"svl

So for a 5.5" 32g does not sound unusual.
My female ambilobe, whom I approximate at around 5 months, weighed in at 34g just a couple of days ago. 32g sounds good to me.
im assuming you use some sort of food scale or a digital scale from radio shack to get these "light" weights?
im assuming you use some sort of food scale or a digital scale from radio shack to get these "light" weights?

Yes.... aparently they should be kept hidden away as the police use them as evidence you might be selling weed :rolleyes:

Got mine from the local hippy head shop:D
well i have one but I use it to weight out my dinner/lunch for my diet, but I guess I can use it solong as i put some saran wrap or wax paper on it so that i dont get sick from it or vice versa
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