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ok so im leaving tomorrow until monday. would my cham be ok if i fed hem like 2 or 3 doz tomorrow? i have a vaporizer running all day so that would provide some moisture. please i ned input ASAP so i can plan to have someone come over if needed.
i wouldnt recommend leaving 2 or 3 dozen because crickets are little buggers and like to bite chams in their sleep.. idk what you could do but im sure someone else could give u some advice
im not quite sure because ive tried to do that before but only for a day and i buy 15 in a container and 10 minutes later poof gone.. i know they can go for a day or 2 without food but im not sure for 3 or 4 days
If you wire in a high sided container to the cage and leave cricket food/water in it and dump them all in they shouldn't be able to get out, provided the container is smooth sided. I would still ask a friend to check on him.
your cham will be fine for the weekend without food as long as there is a constant supply of water whether it be a dripper or a mist system. Crickets will bite the hell out of your cham if there are too many of them at night. Also, a cham won't eat them if there are alot in the cage. He will get confused and just sit still.
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