Weekend Photos of the Chameleons

Beautiful! As always a pleasure to see your photos!
Thank you Becca, for you very kind words. I love these babies so very much!

Wow Jann! Stanley and Hammy are breathtaking!

Lola and Gordon are very nice looking chameleons too :)
Thank you Chase! It nice to see you around!

Photos of your crew always brighten my day - thanks for sharing!
Thank you Michelle! I hope all of your guys are doing well?

All beautiful photos. Great to see Lola recovering nicely.
Thank you Brad. Lola is becoming quite a lovely lady. ❤️

Absolutely stunning and a festival for the eyes! Thank you for sharing!
Thank you Matt. This means allot coming from you!
Seriously, you pictures are composed perfectly! Your picture quality is superb! Your reptile children phenomenal! Perfect combination!
Thank you again Matt for all of your kind words!

wow, your pictures are beautiful, its always great to see the little guys.
Thank you Kat, for the nice comments!

Gotta say those are some cool pictures. Where is the ambanja boy you have from? Very unique coloration. Overall thanks for sharing this was cool to see.
Thank you Freddy! Stanley came from chameleonsonly, the Krammer’s.
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