We are infested with copperhead snakes...help!

Discussion in 'The Lizard Lounge' started by lovepicasso, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. VigilantSpearIII

    VigilantSpearIII New Member

    Dude, get yourself a .410 gauge and have fun. Either that or get a snake-bat and swing away. Nothing much else you can do besides paying for an exterminator to temporarily alleviate the problem.
  2. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    I was not aware this was legal to do to ignorant humans:confused:
  3. Solid Snake

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  4. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    Right. Remove hiding habitat (both for the snakes and for their rodent prey) by keeping your yard weeded, mowed, and free of debris, leaf piles, and rodent foods.

    I'll second the dirty human hair scatter trick (also you can clean out your own hairbrushes too). People who like attracting songbirds use it to repel wandering cats. Actually, there's an even better option for dirty human hair...people who live near zoos can get a sack of lion poop (please take it...we've got lots!) and scatter it along their fencelines. That will REALLY freak out the nuisance wildlife!
  5. lovepicasso

    lovepicasso New Member

    Not allowed to shoot a gun here in the village...against the law!
  6. lovepicasso

    lovepicasso New Member

    Sounds nasty, but effective...we do have mountain lions here in the village, but still have a copperhead problem.....none tonight, it is raining and maybe this will keep them in the woods.
  7. little leaf

    little leaf Avid Member

    I was going to say about the same thing, but our neighbors have come to get our ferret poo- it keeps away mice- they put it in the tack room of the barn, but if you can get some ( I know- for some reason we are always talking about poo on this forums , if not cham, someones- :p - I think the lions is a first tho - LOL ) and drive off the food source, it may cut down on them in your yard - also , mothballs - to bad they are hot, they are really pretty, I would love a yard full of FANG LESS :p snakes
  8. lovepicasso

    lovepicasso New Member

    They really are beautiful and not too big, but I'm not as worried about us as I am about my dogs, they just are so happy when they go outside they don't even see the snakes, they just run right over them.......didn't see any last night, we had a good rain yesterday and last night so they may just decide to stay in the woods.
  9. VigilantSpearIII

    VigilantSpearIII New Member

    ???....?? -_- Uh... PETA? Is that you?

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  10. VigilantSpearIII

    VigilantSpearIII New Member

    Hmm... If you are in the county on private land its perfectly legal to discharge a firearm against pests and varmints. IE: blast them varmints! Excuse me, I lived on a ranch and that's just how we do it in the country outside of city limits. To each his own though, there are traps that they sell for snakes, I heard of some kids that would make a snake-pit to collect local snakes for...um fun and to rid the fields of those pests, its no fun stepping on a snake.
  11. Solid Snake

    Solid Snake Avid Member

    Its the fact of the matter.

    The more time that goes on, the less we cohabitate, and the less resources we have due to our purposeful destruction of said resources.

    Snakes are beneficial, period. While they may pose a danger, its our responsibility to do what we can to preserve all wildlife around us, and have respect for it.

    It isn't fun when you, your kids, or your other animals are attacked by a venomous snake. However, they aren't looking to hurt you, just execute defense mechanisms they have derived over billions of years in order to survive. They are near powerless against us. Education is a much better approach than "blast them varmints!".

    I come from the country, were we have plenty of rattlesnakes.

    Ive never, ever, HAD to kill a rattlesnake. As long as you don't get near them, youre fine. That's an easy thing to achieve in general.

    When I was in NC, I had numerous copperheads in my backyard. I also had five chameleons back there, and often times a dog. Never had an issue with them. Just have to respect there space.

    Just my opinion.
  12. Coded

    Coded New Member

    I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly, but when you have pets and/or children and you have multiple occurrences of multiple poisionous snakes that pose a threat, its time to take action.....YMMV
  13. lovepicasso

    lovepicasso New Member

    I agree, but we live in a gated community and are not to have any firearms period.

    I am so much in agreement with you here and like I said, Steve hated to kill them, but they only appear at night time and almost impossible to see if walking around, not only for us but the dogs and forbid if one of the grandkids get bitten....just can't take that risk with so many copperheads in one small place.
  14. Coded

    Coded New Member

    D.C. v Heller - The Supreme Court held:

    The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.

    You cannot be denied a firearm in your home.
  15. ferretinmyshoes

    ferretinmyshoes Veterinarian
    Staff Member

    I don't think they were saying they cannot own a firearm, but there are laws about discharging firearms in populated areas, regardless of the reason for doing so.
  16. lovepicasso

    lovepicasso New Member

    Again you're correct, having a firearm in your home, OK, but cannot possess one outside your home as long as you are still inside the gates of Hot Springs Village.

    Thank you Dayna!
  17. ataraxia

    ataraxia Avid Member

    To be honest 99% of the time copperheads do not pose any serious threat. The fact of the matter is people see a snake and IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT KIND OF SNAKE chose to follow what has been instilled in many minds....To kill it. These snakes arent a serious threat and if you dont go HUNTING them or turning over stumps LOOKING for them. They will leave you alone.

    We are invading on them. They dont have the choice to just pick up and leave at a whim because somebody decided to build a subdivision on there grounds. Relocate them, you can buy a snake hook or even a snake grabber fairly cheap. A simple pillow case and a tote to sit it in will help also. http://www.amazon.com/48-Grappler-E...&qid=1373672913&sr=8-3&keywords=snake+grabber

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