Wax worms to moths?


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Hello everyone, I've noticed just recently that my wax worms have turned into moths because i hardly ever use them, what kind of moths are these? And more importantly can I feed them to my Cham? Thanks in advance for input :)
Wax worms aren't worms at all, they are larvae for Greater Wax moths. Im pretty sure you can feed these to your chameleon but idk about the nutrients/fat content. Wax worms are like 20% fat or something.

Check out this link:

I refrigerate my wax worms to prolong them from turning into moths. People say this kills the wax worms but this is not true, you take them out and they start moving again in 5-10 minutes when they heat up.
Well obviously ha ha we don't call them wax larvae lol just like we dont call calci worms calci larvae, And I know they are mostly fat and don't have much nutritional value that's why I don't use them much, I figured that they moths would be less fatty and have more nutrition but I just wanted to see if someone knew the actual nutritional value compared to the actual larvae itself. That is a very interesting blog though thanks!:D
Their fat content as moths is much lower than as wax worms, though I don't know the exact number. It's the process of changing into a moth that burns fat for them. They are an ok feeder - the fat content is still a little high, but the act of catching an active moth in flight will give enrichment to your cham. You can let the moths lay eggs, and start the cycle over again, if you'd like to.
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