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Our cage is almost complete. My son build a double cage so each side is 24x24x48, it has a solid wall on the back and on the side that seperates the two cages, the other sides are screen. Would a 150w heat lamp be ok or do you suggest something else? Its a 2 year old veiled chameleon. Thanx.
You may have to experiment a little here. I have a similar size cage for my male veiled I use just a 100w. Although I am sure are climates are quite a bit different and what the house thermostat is set can play a big part.
Jordan is right.
I have had to purchase more than one bulb just trying to get the temps right.
Remember your not trying to heat the cage to 90 degrees all the way to the floor. You want a gradient with a very warm basking spot and other areas of the enclosure cooler.

I do switch mine throughout the year any way. In the summer time around here it is so hot that I really do not need the full 100w bulb. I was using a 75w until about a month and a half ago. My females went from a 60w to a 75w. I do not know how stable the temperatures our in your house and/or outside so you may never even have to do this. Just something to keep in mind when stuff starts to warm up around there.
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