Waterproofing the cage floor


I have an awesome wood cabinet I am turning into Leons cage(Panther Chameleon). The plan is to waterproof the floor and insert a drain with a cutout on the bottom to slide a tray under to catch moisture. I may paint the inside and outside and plan to add live and artificial plants and branches. The glass will be removed from the sides and the top cut open and these will be screened. The front will be left glass. I need suggestions on what to use on the bottom and also paint suggestions that are safe to use. Thanks for the tips!


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You could use Great Stuff pond & stone to create a nice naturalistic background and use to adhere some sticks, cork bark and plant pots. After applying the Great Stuff, you can cut it to style, add layer of silicone and cover with substrate like Eco Earth.


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Some people have used pond liner to create a water proof bottom. Some have used acrylic panels. I use PVC sheets that I melt and bend into shape and then caulk.
Assuming you mean just using a torch and bending it or are actually melting it down?
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