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I probably worry about this too much...but, how do I know that my 2 month old veiled is drinking enough? I mist the pothos in his cage twice daily and run a drip for an hour in the morning. Today I haven't noticed him drinking and he runs from the mist...

Not a good one...
Put hot water in the misting bottle...by the time it reaches him it it only mildly warm. My fogging nozzles run right from the hot tap and all my guys like to get right under it ...they love it now.
I am still very worried about never seeing him drink. I put warm water in the mister and he was licking his lips a bit and popping his eyes but I never see him really drinking any water off of the plants or anything. he looks a bit dry so I have inreased the misting and am running the dripper twice a day. Just now he ran from the mist. Any ideas? I don't want him dehydrated. Poop looks nice and white-no yellows.
They don't like to be misted when they're babies. Don't worry and keep misting him.
My dripper runs all day long but I see my 4 month old veiled drinking mostly in the morning right after I fill it.
How fast is the drip? It needs to move 2 or 3 drops per second for them to realize there is moving water there.
How accessible is the drip? Does he have a branch alongside of it where he can easily get to the water?
He is probably drinking when you don't see him, they can be shy about things like this, especially when they're young.
I think you need to have it drip for longer periods than 1 hour.

I use ganorrhea (or dropper or something like this- sorry my English is limited) and try to offer him the drops every morning :) I just let the water pour from it and if he feels like drinking he just comes closer and drinks... He drinks about every three days let´s say 10 drops and he doesn´t look dehydrated..
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