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Just bought a Little Dripper today from Petco. The thing just isn't working right. Does anyone have any suggestions on a GOOD water dripper? or one that at least works? Anyone know of an automatic dripper? How often should water drip from the dripper? Also, reptisafe, is it a good idea? Any info would help, thanx.
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Explain how it isnt working right? It may be working as intended, but you could have a different perspective on how it should work. I like to have mine drip, and have the second drip hit a a leaf, as the first one is about to roll off. Its a little fast Ill admit, but no chamleoens is going to sit and drink a drop at a time all day until its satisfied, so I might as well offer it at a good speed and amount so they can get on with the rest of their busy day, :) lounging, basking, hanging out, crawling, climbing, eating hunting... Since the water runs out in a couple hours or less, I always provide another longer shower in a later point each day.

I don't feel reptisafe is nessescary, but that depends on your local water quality. Reptisafe contains electrolytes that are usually only used on sick chameleons to give them strength and energy to get through their recovery- a constant un monitored supplient of electrolytes could potentially cause problems I would think.
I have a couple of pictures in my gallery. It is all stuff you can buy at Walmart for cheap. You could also run it multiple places if you wanted to.
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