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    Its been a while everyone so I would like to start out by saying hello to everyone :) I need to find a solution to my water drainage problem on my 2x2x4 screen cages. I have a solution for one of them thanks to Maxttu but would like something else for my other two cages that are side by side and share a 48inch long uvb bulb.

    I need some recommendations on shelving and buckets / bins for water drainage and would love a step by step how to guide if one is available on setting it up. Oh and also where to buy them lol. Thanks again guys and gals :)


    By the way for those who remember me and my fiance, we finally got married :)

    Here is a teaser picture of how one of my males is doing.

  2. JoseBean

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    Goto your local business that sells plastic shelves and buy one that has bigger dimesions than your cage (the 2x2 part). When you bring it home cut a hole in the top that is smaller than the cage so all the water will drop into the drawer. It makes an easy solution to your problem.

    OT: My english is bad (slang and such) but correct me if I am mistaken, your name is outragously inappropiate.

    Edit: Nevermind, since you are a senior member I guess they consider twatt an approved word for all ages... interesting.
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    Thank you for the replies. My user name is actually my first and last name. Ted Watts. Just my first initial and last night. Its my email as well. Sorry for the mix up.
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    Ah yes! Exactly like this! It would work perfectly till you are able to make something a little more permant. I saw your post about your build for your two chams Pigglett and I think they are absolutly brillant!
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    Ah, I am sorry Twatts!

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    Lol! I thought his username was suspect until I realized it was his name! :D
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    Haha quote of the day. It's okay... He's Ted Neben now. Muhaha. Not like this is related to this subject though haha.
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    I use dura trays:


    I drill a hole in a corner, screw in a bulkhead, attach a hose and drain into a large bucket. If you have holes in your wall from cable TV, internet, etc,
    you can route the hose to drain outside.

    I also cut some Styrofoam pieces to lift the cage a bit off the tray so the water can flow freely, and cut some shims to go under the tray to make it
    'tilt' a bit funnel water into the drain hole.

    That way, no standing water :)
  10. twatts704

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    Going with Maxttu's thread from a long time ago and using a vanity for water drainage. I have all my mats and putting everything together. I will have pictures up tomorrow with the final result.
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    Does the 24x24 hold the 24x24 cages?
  12. twatts704

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