Water Concerns


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So... Right now we are renting from some scumbag landlord that doesn't care about his tenants. We cant get out of the place that we are in 'til next year. Even though we pay rent, and the landlord pays the water bill (they live on the same property :(), they cant keep the water billed paid. Now its not us. Theres only my husband, my son, and me! They have 6 people living in their house :eek:

Now this is the second time that the water has been turned off, due to them not paying the bill. So, I'm concerned that when Waldo, my little veiled, when I need to fill up the dripper of the misting system that theres not going to be any water...

Does anyone store water just for their chams?
Just buy some extra water at the store for emergencies, I think it can store for about 2-3 years. Check the expiration date. I don't think it can really go bad though. I mean in an emergency when the Apocalypse is upon us and your choices of water are crud-infested mud-water or expired bottled spring water, I think I know what I am gonna drink, haha. Most stores sell the 1 gallon bottled jugs for $1, but they do go on promo from time to time. Some keepers use distilled, some use purified. I only drink bottled spring water, but I also keep a few distilled around in the garage.
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