wasps okay for chameleon


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My front porch is crawling with wasps, is it okay to feed these to my chameleon? I can catch them using those human traps at home depot, the only thing i am worried about is those stingers, is it possible to remove them? I can put them in a fridge for like 5 min, pull them out, stick them under a microscope real fast and yank them out with tweezers. is it possible to do this? I want to make sure that they would be safe and not hurt my chameleon, and the fact that i sleep 10 feet away from my chameleon. i'm pretty sure it is too early in spring to be using fertilizer, and these wasps are gonna get killed by bug spray anyway, so why not catch them before they do.
I have placed my veiled chameleon outside and she ate a wasp that landed on her plant. Since then I have tried to give her wasps, some of them she will eat others she will ignore (stingers attached). It seems she knows which may be dangerous to her, but she has never had any problems from eating the ones she would take. I even tried a honey bee after removing the stinger and she wouldnt even look at it. They know whats bad for them
I do have "particular reasons" for thinking wasp feeding would be a bad idea.
None of them based in any fact or experience.
Personally, I would avoid feeding anything that is venomous. There are plenty of other options for feeders and I wouldn't risk it. Additionally, I am not going to remove wasp stingers for the sake of a free feeder.
They may be perfectly fine to feed but....
as Will says:
"When in doubt, leave it out.

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