Washington state vets?

I think the vet does a good job but I don't really like his attitude; he also handles my guys a little to aggressively and it freaks me out. I understand he can't be extremely gentle in some cases but I feel like some stuff he does is a bit to a aggressive for a chameleon. I also tell him I don't need certain creams or antibacterial washes I already have and he charges me for them anyways.. would like to know if anyone had recommendations for vets north of Seattle.
I am in Washington as well!! it may be a trip for you but I see a clinic down in Spanaway and they have 3 wonderful repti vets and lots of on hand equipment to help chams!!
I just feel like I might be missing out on some who is a specialist

As for the Italian ^ seattle area has a specialist so you are lucky. Go to North Seattle veterinary clinic
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