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Are YOU thinking about buying your first chameleon, want a lizard you can hold & sit and watch the tv with THINK AGAIN.It seems some new keepers when reading "good starter chameleon" (veild) are being mislead into thinking they must like being handled the most and bite the least.This does NOT mean this, it means they are probably the most tolorent specie regarding husbandry mistakes and are one of the most aggresive specie known.Handling should be kept down to a minimun as no true chameleon likes to handled and most of all it causes stress which will shorten the lifespan of you chameleon.
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I'm relieved

I was starting to think there was something wrong. Thanks for the warning. My friends 4 -5 yr old veiled actually climbed onto her hand to come out. I started to think my new 6 mo old veiled hated me. It works much better when you realize being aggressive is normal. Patience and understanding. Louie says look don't touch!
Yup I understand- I have an 8 month-yr old veiled- Herb. He definately has a pissy attitude. He loves getting out but only on certain occasions...I have narrowed it down to the color of my shirt, if I just took a shower (bad thing) and how many people are around. He will hiss at anyone else that wants to touch him and only lets me take him out on occasion. I offer to take him out often but never push it. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I don't.
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