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Hi y’all! I’ve kinda been lurking but just got up the courage to post some questions. First of all, I just got my first chameleon at Petco on Friday. (I know now after finding this community that wasn’t a wise idea but here we are!). My 13 year old has been asking for one and I told her that we don’t just get any type of animal without knowing what we are doing. So I made her write an essay on what we will need and all the details. I told her if she did that, then we can get one. Well, she did it so I had to keep my word. Truth is, after helping her research and finally owning one, I am in love. Here’s my concern. I am a hospice RN. People come to me to die. I have a problem keeping cacti alive. I actually killed air plants. I’m so worried about keeping Pascal (his name) alive and I want to do things right. So I guess I will start off by asking a few questions!
1) I have crickets and super worms so far. I have been gut loading the crickets. Do I have to dust the gut loaded crickets as well? Do I have to dust the super worms? Can chameleons have TOO much calcium?
2) Do I have to dust them with calcium D3 or without?
3) Do they eat all the crickets at once or just throughout the day? Is there a better time of day for them to eat? I read on another thread how many crickets per day so that helped a lot!
4) What is the best place online to buy other feeders? Or should I try to find somewhere in Norman, OK where I live? I read on another thread about having a varied diet. Would crickets one week and something the next week work or switch it up more often?
5) is the cage and plants ok? I guess I’m worried he won’t be able to find the crickets and he will starve to death. (Again, I kinda deal with death a lot. So that’s just gonna worry me until I hear from professionals that I probably won’t kill him!) I want to get better lighting. The duo one seems like it’s too small for this size cage? I actually already had the umbrella plant so I was excited to learn that can go in there. What lights are good to help my trees grow? I don’t want to kill them either!

Thank you in advance for all your help and advice! I really want to keep him healthy and happy!


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#2 you want to dust the crickets with calcium no d3 every feeding and calcium with d3 once every two weeks, same with multi vitamin

#3 you want to do your feedings during the day so they use the basking light to digest(I think)

#4 you can use the site sponsors to find silkworms, dubia roaches and other insects, chameleons love variety

Hope this helps!
Im new too so its nice to see someone else in the same boat! i got alot of the stuff i know from this website... there is tons of facts on here without even needing to ask it for the most part!
i dont know if im the right person to answer these questions or not but good luck!
What are you gutloading the crickets with? im only using crickets atm gutloaded with mustard greens and apple. Yes you should dust and gut load the more nutrients the better although im not sure if there is ever too much?! i think youre only supposed to dust with D3 a few times a week and without every feeding!
You should feed them in the morning or the first half of the day so that they have time to bask and metabolize/digest. I dont know how old your guy is so i dont know how much to say feed him. Chameleons are cool in the sense that they can feed in lower temps so try to get them going early. Free range or cup im not sure it matters.
I just buy my crickets at a local pet store.
as far as ive read they are hungry especially as babies and those crickets are gonna find their way to the top they always do, you would be surprised how fast hell pick them off (ive only had mine three days now and i cant believe it)

As far as lighting maybe centralize them to the middle, i was recommended a linear florescent UVB bulb instead of the dome in my recent thread i suppose i would recommend the same for you. And as far as the plant, just make sure you took the steps listed on this site to wash it before you put it in.

I would take what i say with a grain of salt since i am new but i hope i helped a little bit, i strongly recommend the facts page on this website for more info

https://www.chameleonforums.com/threads/basic-husbandry.38769/ < good start
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Thanks y’all. I repotted my umbrella plant with organic so before I put it in. I’m pretty sure I washed the leaves well although I can tell you, the tree has been in my living room for about 1.5 years so other than dust, I wouldn’t think anything else is on the leaves! I’ll try to order some different food for Pascal. I’ll look for local places and if I can’t fond anything, I’ll order from one fo the sponsees. Thanks for the suggestions!
1) You have to dust the super worms always, their Calcium/Phosphorus ratio is so bad. The crickets too, because is a juvenile. When Pascal grows, you have to reduce the calcium to 2 times per week aprox.
2) Calcium with D3 and multivitamin can be used once every week in 2-3 prays.
3) He will eat when he wants. Probably is better feed chameleons in the morning, because they needs a lot of time and high body temperature for a good digestion. While he is a juvenile give him all the crickets he wants.
5) I think the cage is good. Maybe i would put more horizontal branches/vines. Oh, and be careful with the stones of the pot, if they are not too big pascal could catch some.
What kind of lighting are you using?
EBay is the best place to buy feeders, period. Cheaper and higher quality than anything your going to find in any pet store.

Cup feed Pascal the worms, toss the crickets in loose and let her hunt them down.

Use cricket crack as a gutload.

Supplement info given above is incorrect:
Calcium without D3 at every feeding
Calcium with D3 1st and 15th of the month
Multivitamin 1st and 15th of the month
All of this is extremely helpful! Thanks y’all!

Ordered all the supplements off Amazon to be delivered tomorrow. I am now browsing eBay for different feeders. I never thought that sentence would come out of my mouth!
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