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I have received a few emails from people asking why they are unable to vote.

The reason for not allowing public voting is that it can easily lead to abuse, especially when there are prizes involved. I'm sure you all can imagine how it could just become an internet popularity contest. I want the contest to be about the photos, not how many friends someone can get to vote for their picture. That being said, I am completely open to discussing the problem.

Currently, members need five or more posts in the forums to be eligible to vote. In addition, they either need to have been a member for 30 days or have accumulated some reputation. If you find an especially helpful post from someone that has shown respect for others and a good knowledge of chameleons, I recommend adding to their reputation. You can do so by clicking on this icon reputation.gif next to their message.
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I have noticed that there are only 7 votes in the photo competition:eek:
Everyone is voting for their own photo me thinks!! Only those who haven't entered a photo have voted for someone elses so we currently have two photos in a tie break situation with only 2 votes each!
Yes, I have noticed this too :(
We could really use more voters. I could open the vote to the public, but that would eventually lead to unfair contests I think. Another option I have thought of would be to allow the public to vote and decide on the top 3-5 photos. A group of judges would then choose the winner(s) among those photos.
This rule may be reimplemented soon. Doing so would remove voting privileges in the photo and video contests from junior members.

We will see how this works for July. Junior members can have their account automatically upgraded by participating in forum discussions.
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