Vine or bamboo


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I cannt decide which to line the back of my cage with. I was thinking waxy leafed jasmine or bamboo........ I found him in bamboo so I know he will like that but I cannt make up my mind does anyone know if one would be better than the other?
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I can't tell which would better but I can tell what observations I got from night blooming jasmine and bamboo (not sure if this is the jasmine your refering to). You decide from there.
Night jasmine is a flowering plant with strong smelling blossims that attracts inscects. As far as I know the flowers open at night. As for bamboo goes, I think of it as a sterile plant. It doesn't really attract much in the way of insects but it does provide shelter. I haven't seen either of those plants cause any ill effects to Jacks. However if it was a choice of shelter to food, adult Jacks would probably choose bamboo for shelter and jasmine for food. As you probably already know, Jacks here on Maui can live in a variety of locations and habitats. Alot of what what you read in popular literature sometimes doesn't apply when you study feral populations here on the valley isle. Your doing a really good job trying to find whats best for your jack.
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I dont know anyone that sells dwarf bamboo here on maui but Im going to kauai to visit my parents next weekend and I think the nursery there might have some. I found some jasmine that is more bushy than vinelike, it has thicker branches and bigger leaves so I was thinking of planting that along one side and running bamboo on the other (if they have it) and seeing which he seems to like the most. I was also thinking that I could plant the jasmine next to the cage to bring insects close in the hopes some will go in giving him the best of both worlds. Oh and the bushy style blooms in the daylight so that would be a better choice too.
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