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Hello every, I hope I posted this in the right place. I have a 10 month old Jackson Chameleon that I've had since he was about 4-5 weeks old. I've never had any problems with him but I think he has developed a upper respiratory infection. He hasnt ate but 2 waxworms in the last 7 days and he is starting to hold his mouth open alot and is making a weird "poping noise" sometimes. He also seems to have is eyes closed alot during the day.

I've never had to take him to a vet before and have never owned any other reptiles. So I am wonder if someone could tell me what I could expect to pay. This honestly couldnt have come at a worse time finicaliy wise for me, so I just want to make I will be able to cover it.
In my area it cost about $60 for them to see an exotic. Possible blood work...etc. I really have no idea. If you call vets they can at least tell you what the "to see" charge is going to be. Some places will work with you on payment type plans. I would ask that in advance too. With those symptoms I would say that a vet is in order.
Thanks alot for the reply. I am going to call some vet's first thing in the morning. Do you happen to know if a upper respiratory infection is something that can be cured easyly with the proper medicine?
Had a real hard time finding a vet that treats chameleons but finally found one over a hour away and was qouted 100 just to see him. I have him a apportment for 1:30 today it's the earlyest I could get. Can someone give me some good ideas on what to transport him in?

A closeable box that is roughly 12x12x12, for example would be reasonable. Add a propped-up stick-structure that he can hold onto. Add a rag for padding if he should end up on the bottom. Darkness is the key to smooth travels. He will likely fall asleep. Get him settled in the box 15-30 minutes before you leave and he might stay asleep the whole trip.
I have not actually had a chameleon with this but have heard a lot of recovery stories. These types of things do happen but still the same I would do a look over your husbandry to see if something that could be corrected for the future to try to prevent it from happening again. If you post how you have been keeping him I am sure someone can spot a problem if there is one.
100 bucks is I go to a fancy schmancy brand new vet clinic and their visit is 45 plus meds...usually 12 bucks for baytril.
I don't know where you live, but if its cooler outside than the chameleon's normal nighttime temperatures, it would be wise to make sure the chameleon is warm enough while travelling with you.

Also, make sure the stick/branch you use can't move or turn. If you use a "y" shaped piece you can brace it...and you could even poke a hole the same size as the ends of the branch through the ends of the carton to put the ends of the branch through.

Good luck with it!
I just thought I would give everyone a update on the vet visit. He does have a respiratory infection. He was given some Baytril to clear up the infection and some triple antibiotic to help with his eyes. The vet said that it appears that we caught it early and he shouldn't have a problem recoverying. I have another check up next Thrus.
I needn't have a problem giving him his Baytril earlyer because he is opening his mouth every so often. But I am wondering how I am going to go about giving it to him once he gets alittle better and he isnt opening his mouth. Do I just force his mouth open with my fingers? Thats pretty much what the vet said to do, any of you guys have any tips on this?

What I have done rather than force the mouth open is to ease a little between his lips down between the teeth and the gums. Give him time to swallow and continue with this until he has taken the whole dose.

Another thing that works sometimes is to get him drinking and have the syringe with the medication ready and held to the side and down a bit so he's less likely to see it coming. When his mouth opens as he drinks, ease the meds into his mouth.

Hope this helps and that you soon have a healthy chameleon!
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