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I am very new to keeping chams and I think there is something wrong with bobbers. I gor him from petsunlimited a few months ago. There are no breeders around here or exotic vets. Dumb on my part. now he is sleeping a lot during the day, not eating and his color has became very dark. He had a flexarium by exo terra. Lots of vines and fake plants. In the day his home is about 80 in the basking and 70 everywhere else. I turn his light off every 12 hours ans the temp becomes about 60. I am extremely worried and not sire what os going on. I feed about 10 crickets and some mealworms every other day. But there are always crickets in there becasue he doesn't eat much.

If you are in the states this can help you locate a vet.
Some of the stuff in this link you may know some maybe not. Look in the December issue 06.

I use three types of supplements: one is straight calcium, the next is calcium with D3/phosphorus-free, and a multivitamin. I have no experience with Fischers so starting another post or maybe someone with experience with them will jump in to help you out there.

At night it is important to remove any excess feeders as best you can. Gut loading is very important. The majority of the feeders commonly used in chameleon captivity are high in phosphorus and low in calcium. With the gut loading you are trying to counter act that. The ideal ratio in a chameleon's diet is 2:1 (calcium:phosphorus). The longer they are in the cage the more this ratio suffers. I would recommend finding a staple veggie and the rest of the stuff you gut load with can be mixed up.

I would suggest one of the following as a staple veggie. One because of their ratio and two because the do not have harmful/questionable compounds in them.

Collard Greens
Dandelion Greens
Turnip Greens

Most of these are easy to find. Most of these can be held on hand without going bad to quick either.
eyes closed all the time?

I know over and over i have posted this. But bobbers eyes are closed all the time lately. He is drinking normally and eating and walking around on his vines normally. His eyes don't seem to be sunken or bulgy. What is going on? Grrrrrrrr.he seems fine oher than this.

Fill-in the answers and post with the photos.

Post photos of your chameleon and detailed shots of his setup. We might able to spot some issues. In the meantime, find a qualified reptile vet and make an appointment. You may not have much more time to turn things around. Where are you located?

Here's another site to help find a qualified vet:
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