Very concerned!!! Looking for advise


9mo old female veiled. Proper habitat,lighting,food and supplements,egg laying bin,misting and dripping systems,low traffic... Stayed DARK most of the time (such a beautiful jade green while sleeping) I do not handle her often at all. Figured she may need to lay eggs for first time so I covered the front of her cage for privacy, but nothing so far. She moves well, eyes are alert and clear, eats well.... Just really dark most of the time. Seems like it must be from something that is not right, but I sure cant figure out what. I don't want to put her thru the trauma of a vet visit, unless its clearly necessary. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
I sure will appreciate any help!!! TY
Pics or didn't happen!

Seriously though, we need some pics to see what you are talking about. Is she swollen or puffy looking? Possibly a small cage, or maybe misters are spraying her in the face? Dark definitely means something is bugging her.
Thanks for your reply!

Kiwi has gone into sleep mode so I will take a pic tomorrow to show her deep gray coloring. Her cage is screen on all sides, 18w x 18d x 36h. 2mo ago I think she fell. She had a spot that looked like a bruise apron 1 in x 1/4 in. It has been healing slowly. Now it is the size of a large bee-bee. She just got done shedding and still has some loose skin around the spot. I took a pic to show that , her "happy calm" coloring and PLUS how FULL she looks. Seems like she needs to lay eggs.
I had trouble attaching a pic last time, so I will send the text, to make sure I don't loose it, then send the pic. Again, thank you for any advise!
Picture of the side. image.jpg
Awesome suggestion! Quick question

Do you think she looks full of eggs? My first FEMALE Cham, so it's new to me.
She does look a little plump.

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