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Hi, i have a question: How important is for Verrucosus winter drop of temperature. Some breeders tell me that is important some no. In room where will be a terrarium is night temperature in winter 18 C (64.4 °F) and i don't know if this temperature is too high or no. :confused:

I want to buy a chameleon from a breeder (not import).
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I use winter-temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees. A proof that this method works is the fact that my male is finishing his fifth winter in my conditions right now. Most people claiming that the winter cooling poeriod is not necessary have only a few months experience.


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Winter Temps

What would be an ideal winter temperature for my Nosy be Panther Chameleon in the house..I live in San Diego County where its prwtty temperate..but at night temps go way down outside to 32-45 at house not that cold of course..but would like to be re-enforced of proper temp for Rango Jr my loveable Cham..



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If you house stays above 50 degrees inside you really won't need a heat source. If it does, you can get one of those little ceramic heater bulbs that screw into your dome. They do emit light.
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