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I have decided that I am getting a chameleon, just dont know what species. I am kind of leaning toward a panther but I really like the casque that the veiled chams have. If I get a panther I will get either an ambanja or nosy be. What are pros and cons of the two species? I have had tons of different reptiles for pets and think that I am ready for a chameleon now. :rolleyes:
Welcome to the forum. Both are great species to begin with. I would make a decision based on the location you live in. If your location has naturally a higher temperature gradient and humidity is low to medium, a veiled might be good for a start. If you live in more humid and warm areas, panthers make an easy entry.

The reason I am saying this is that chameleons do have very specific husbandry requirements. Yet we all do a lot of mistakes in husbandry in the beginning. Mistakes however are easier to cover if the chameleon lives in a close to natural environment already.
You could get one of each, problem solved:D all kidding aside I own both species and you can't go wrong between the two. Veileds tend to have a little more attitude then panthers but both can be equally impressive with their beauty. Only slight differences with basking temps, veildes prefer it a little warmer and can handle a little lower humidity them a panther and I find panthers enjoy water much more then veildes do and you have to be much more accurate with the humidity level for a panther. Panthers cost more then a veiled but are worth every penny. Look around and make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. Check out the site sponsers and the classified section here on the forums. Good luck with whatever species you choose and let us know and post lots of pics.:)
It'll come down to which one would you rather see and take care of every day for potentially 5-8 years? Their care is nearly identical, so it's whichever one catches your eye the most.
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