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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jelloman, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Jelloman

    Jelloman New Member

    I have a jeuvenile veiled Cham. He is great but often hides when I enter the room. It is nice to watch him grow but I would like to add another cham in a separate enclosure and was thinking about getting a panther. Question: are panther's less shy than veiled?

    Thanks, I am new to chameleons but did research that veileds are the best starters. Since my veiled is thriving I think I can handle a panther as well.
  2. Shaolin Chameleon

    Shaolin Chameleon New Member

    hello my first cham was a panther i think they are the best starters because

    they are more passive than yemens as they get older
  3. tracysimpson

    tracysimpson New Member

    Love love love panthers much easier to handle
  4. camimom

    camimom New Member

    it varies on who the cham is.

    My two veileds are very open about their opinions on me. ;)

    My one panther, is beyond super shy. the other, is very hppy to see me.
  5. KingJulian

    KingJulian New Member

    You have a better chance of getting a friendly panther than veiled. You just have to remember that if you get a male, he's a They can all be territorial and have their mood swings at times. If I walk up to mines cage, he usually walks right onto my hand. But you get the days where he's not in the mood and I just walk away. :)
  6. pssh

    pssh New Member

    It depends. Some are, some aren't. They are all individuals and will behave differently. Often times, the younger animals will tend to be more shy but will eventually get more used to you and become more friendly/accepting of your presence. Hand feeding can help his associate you with food so that he is less shy when you come around. Chameleons can be pretty shy, that's just the type of animal they are.
  7. Forristal

    Forristal New Member

    Get a panther they tend to be a lot more friendly and colorful

    Go panther:D
  8. Banders675

    Banders675 Member


    I've had nice veilds I have nice panthers. I like the panthers better, they seem to be nicer or more tolerating. It's all on how you bond with them. Some don't bond well they are not dogs ya know? I'm on my 3rd panther I hope he grows to some what's like me right now it's :eek: "OH S@&$!!!!!! HIDE" every time he sees me. (Only had him for a week and he is maybe 4 months old.)
  9. Brandonmh

    Brandonmh Member

    My veiled might be starting to get used to me, thought I was getting close to hand feeding, I think he is starting to get used to my hands in the cage, getting the food cup out, putting super or a mealie on the screen near him, etc. He still generally either tries to goto the other side of the branch or turn and go and hide. He did actually eat and swallow in front of me, usually just holds it til I turn or leave. So I take that as a small victory.
  10. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Maybe try some tongs or a chop stick. Split the chopstick down the middle about 1" or so, and then use it to hold a bugs legs. If the chameleon eats from the tongs/chopstick, then continue that for a while. Slowly move your hand/fingers closer to the end holding the bug as the chameleon gets more comfortable until he will eat out of your fingers. I think the chopstick works better with really shy/reluctant chameleons or ones that are scared of the shine from the metal. I think since it is wood, they are less afraid and more willing to go near. Plus if they bite it, it wont damage their teeth like metal can.
  11. Brandonmh

    Brandonmh Member

    That I have been thinking of with the chop sticks.

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