Veiled Possibly Eggbound?


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My Veiled Chameleon is almost 2 years old, she's never been breed. Always housed by herself. On Wednesday night I saw her digging behind her waterfall. I did a little bit of research yesterday as i found that behavior to be a little weird, and found that she needs to lay eggs. We first added a Tupperware dish into the bottom of the tank with more substrate, it was about 6 inches deep, she continued to dig "around it". We ended up just dumping that into the bottom with more, making the entire bottom of the tank 6-7 inches deep. We wrapped a pillowcase around the bottom of her tank so she can't see out, and the she can't see us. She is located in the kitchen, so we turned off the lights to give her a more privacy. She continued to dig all last night. This morning i didn't want to fuss with her, as i know you aren't supposed too. I did see that she was still at the bottom of her cage, tail was wrapped up like usual, she had created a 'nest' and about half her body is in it. I think she was just resting as i'm sure she was stressed. But at this point, since i caught her digging so soon, what are the chances she could be egg-bound? What are the signs to look for? I will take her to the vet when i get off work if needed...

**Update** When my boyfriend woke up this morning he said that she had her back end in the nest she had created, she was alert and her colors seemed normal. He let her be.

As of right now, she is digging in a different spot.
How deep should I make it? I won't be home for another 4 hours, do you think she'll be ok until then? She's my little Poot haha, i don't want something to happen to her...
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