Veiled not eating


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I am concerned about my veiled not eating. She used to eat 10-15 crickets per day (on most days) and then about three weeks ago, she seemed to lose interest in crickets. She will still eat some greens. I have offered her Dubia and Meal Worms and she has no interest in those either. She seems to be kind of restless (Clawing at the top of her cage as if she was trying to get out). I'm not sure if she's going to lay eggs or not. She seems to be plump still and she's moving all about her cage. She has a sandbox in the bottom of her cage. We are misting regularly. Her basking light in in the mid '80s. She hasn't shed for about 7-8 weeks either. She's still a beautiful bright green with aqua stripes/dots yellow/orange spots and stripes, as well. Any advice would be appreciated.
Sounds like she might have eggs. Can you post a pic? How deep is the sand box in your cage? Is the sand wet enough to hold a tunnel?
Can you tell me how to post a pic? I just took one, but I'm not sure how to post it. Her sand isn't wet and it's about 5 inches deep. How do I get/keep it wet? How deep should I make it?
I cannot get the picture to post. I have tried following both ways your link showed, but my computer freezes up when I go the paperclip route and there is no URL link to use on the mountain picture. Would it be possible to email a picture directly to you? I know how to do that? :)
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