Veiled Not Eating Again


  • Your Chameleon - Male Veiled chameleon, had since August of last year. Unsure of age.
  • Feeding - Crickets, Super Worms, roachs, Wax Worms, horn worms when available. I gutload all my bugs with carrots, dandelion, mustard greens, white potatoes, blueberries, sweat potato and apples. I also use Fluker's Calcium Fortified Cricket Quencher.
  • Supplements - Repti Calcium Without D3 and Herptivite multivitamin. Use Calcium without D3 daily. Use multivitamin several times a month.
  • Watering - I have a misting system that goes off twice in the morning and once in the afternoon. It runs for 2 minutes each time.
  • Fecal Description - He's been tested for parasites and it came back negative.
  • History - Purchased from PetSmart.
  • Cage Type - Reptibreeze screen cage, size x-large.
  • Lighting - 100w basking bulb , Reptisun 10.0 HO UVB Bulb
  • Temperature - The cage stays about 70-85 depending on area. It's around 95 under his basking spot. I have 3 thermometers/hydrometer throughout his cage. I also use a heatgun for the basking spot.
  • Humidity - Around 30-50 durning the day. I run his Reptifogger on low during the day and on high at night.
  • Location - North Carolina
Cucumber had previously been sick and stopped eating. The vet diagnosed him with a RI after he went a whole month without eating and we started treatments, which were an antibiotic (every 3 days), oral calcium, and an anti-inflammatory. He has since stopped all the medicines. He was doing amazing, eating so much food that we almost couldn't keep enough crickets around. However, he stopped eating again several weeks ago and I'm back to force feeding. The only thing that has changed is that he is no longer in his "hospital" cage. I kept him in his baby, size medium reptibreeze while he was sick, per the doctors request. He's now back in his x-large cage and has been for about 2 weeks. We have a checkup scheduled for later this week. I'm also taking him outside to get natural UV whenever possible. I'm just at a total loss because his grip is strong and he moves around a lot. He's not showing any signs of being lethargic.
Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas what could be causing this?


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Chams can be moody so its possible that he is on a hunger strike. Keep offering food every other day or two days. If there are no other health issues with him, he will get the urge to eat.
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