Veiled needs to lay eggs/how long before I worry.


I have a 5 month old female veiled. I believe she needs to lay eggs. I have a sand/organic soil box in there for her to lay the eggs. I have a beach towel around the outside to give her privacy. The soil seems to be the right consistency. She got real active and her behavior changed, so I figured she was ready. That was 1week age. She seems more "normal" now but still looks chubby to me. I don't want to disturb the soil while she is in the enclosures and discourage her to lay. I have had male panthers in the past. This is my first female veiled. I hate to stress her with a trip to the vet before its needed. How long before I should worry. Any signs I can look for?
I appreciate any and all help !!! Thanks!
Does it look like she is carrying eggs?

Does it look like she is carrying eggs?
Thank you!

This is my first gravid female. How long before she might lay eggs? Next question, what signs do I watch for, if she DOESN'T lay the eggs before I seek a vets help? Sorry for the simpleton questions. Thanks again!! I appreciate it!!
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