Veiled Male or Female?!


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So we just recently rehomed a veiled cham from our local reptile store. We were told it's a HE and around a year old, he was bitten as a baby and has some kinks in his tail but other than that all is well. I am slightly concerned about this droop in the stomach and I started worrying about the fact maybe HE is a SHE?! Is this droop a clutch? Do we have a female here? I have included a photo of "normal" relaxed colours from when we unboxed him and the others he/she was slightly stressed from having a camera shoved in the viv. If it is a male, then is this some sort of internal prolapse or other problem? Thanks in advance!

Can you post some clear pictures of the back feet. Males have little spurs on the back of their back feet. :)
That is a male 100%.
Looking at the first pic i dont see any kind of "drooping". It must only show when he is hunched over. If there is something going on here. If i had to guess i would think it is some sort of growth/tumor within the cavity. Maybe some xrays would show whats going on.
Yes, he's very clearly a male. Overall, from these photos, he looks good. I see the droop you are talking about but am not sure it's anything. Perhaps if you can get another photo of him walking around it would be easier to see if it's anything except just a pooch when he hunches over.
I have just taken these two, they aren't great but he's sat at a funny angle. I would say the droop stays there even when he is walking around..

Okay, so glad he is a he! Thank you and I will post a photo of him normally when I can, it's bedtime for Yoda now :)
Well the guy who owns the store I trust and he has said it has been checked out and it is how it is. He had him left there and needed someone to take him, he offers a boarding service and needed the space. Having lost our panther to a nasty infection three weeks ago I couldn't leave this guy behind!
I think from the additional photos that this is just his normal belly. I don't see anything unusual, so it's probably just a normal, curved veiled underbelly. And his tail injuries look ok to me, the color is good so there are no circulation problems (and there's nothing to do to fix it) so I would just keep an eye on it but it I don't think it'll hinder him at all.
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