Veiled female with prolapsed ????? !!!GRAPHIC PHOTOS!!!


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Not what I wanted to come home to, but definitely a prolapse. A HUGE prolapse.:eek:




She is with eggs and I've been waiting for her to lay, which she hasn't. After I found her in the prolapsed condition, I leapt into action.
I have done the sugar soak and I don't have KY, but lubed it up with neosporin ointment for the night.
When I looked in her cage after the initial shock, There was an egg on the bottom of the cage under where I found her. Her laying bin is the same as it;s been for her last 4 clutches with no problems until now. What a problem to get, right?

I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow. I hope he can help her.

Could this be a "reproductive" problem? If so, would it be as easily treatable as getting her spayed and the current clutch removed? I haven't read too many positive stories about prolapses and this is a doozy.

She doesn't seem to be in much distress, bless her little heart, but I know that can't be comfortable and she has been very accommodating in letting me care for her how I can.

On a lighter note, take a look at my levitating chameleon.:D He's using his hands and feet, but it's quite impressive to sleep that way, I think.:D
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poor thing - is that part of her uterus ? that is a pretty angry looking red :( keep us posted, and best of luck at the vet -


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The fact that the color of what's hanging out is dark is not a good thing. She needs the vet right away. KY jelly is recommended because it isnt intended to promote healing like neosporin is.
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getting ready to settle in for the night and thought of you and your poor little Cham ...hope everthing went ok today at the Vet...let us know when you can. Those pictures just make you feel for the poor little thing. :(


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RIP my sweet little girl. She passed away today in my hands. It appeared to be a very peaceful passing. She will get a burial at sea later in the month. I miss her already.:(


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I am so sorry .. :( sending hugs to you at this hard time. None of use wanted to hear this we were hoping for b etter news.


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Late to see your thread and so sorry to hear your girl passed away, that
is so sad.
I'm afraid that prolapse really did look bad :(
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