Veiled Eggs


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Check these out.. these should be due to hatch Aug. Sept.. but we have started out with 41 and now down to 9, so I'm not holding to much stock that these will hatch? They look weird but these are the first I have had, not personally but April... haha sorry bad joke.


Well, they started out in my friends "snake room" he has various snakes and reptiles, we thought originally to keep them in that room for the above "room temp" temperature... he placed them about 2 feet over a snakes basking light which dried up about half the eggs... since then some molded and such... so we are down to these final 9....
Has anyone else taken a look at these pics of Aprils first clutch? One of the eggs seems almost as if you can see through it, and they are getting a little less white and thinning out it seems they are due to hatch anywhere from now to sept sometime, but Im not sure if they will or not.. maybe you guys can check them out again...see how the top right one seems to be "clearing up"?
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I am not sure that it is "clearing up" so much as it is poor calcification of the egg. Eggs that are well calcified are usually bright white pretty much up to hatching. I may be wrong though, and someone please correct me if I am, but that is what it looks like from the picture.
they have def gotten bigger which makes me think they will indeed hatch but I just don't know of the mortality rate in which i may or may not have...
That thinning out that you are looking at I have always referred to as "getting windows". It is usually a sign that the eggs are approaching hatch time. You could/should see the eggs form beads of sweat on them soon and then they will decrease in size. Next, they should get an X shaped slit in one end and the baby should stick its head out. (Some don't lay with the head out.) The baby will appear to be almost dead. It will/should come out of the egg in anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or more. Its usually advised to allow this to just happen...unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Good luck!
Thanks, how long from the windowing effect do you think i have until time for hatching? ive been checking on the eggs about every 3 days or so starting last week, im anxious but trying to be patient... thanks for your help...
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