Veiled coloration


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My female veiled Etosha finished her receptive phase about 2 weeks ago. It lasted a month as usual for her. She is on diet and lower temp to control eggs. Her last receptive period resulted in no eggs so that was good. I am wondering however what this coloration signifies. Her weight is low. No gain thru receptivity or since. Thanks!
Maybe cold as basking or what?


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I can’t answer your question, but my two ladies are in almost the exact same situation. One has pretty much stopped her restless screen climbing, toned down her colors a little and lounges on her branches like, “paint me like one of your French girls” and the other although still wandering around her enclosure a bit has drastically toned down her colors. No idea what they’re doing or why, but since both are doing it and show no signs of illness, I trust it’s not cause for concern. I haven’t weighed them since mid Sept so no idea if they’re gaining weight. I’m just watching and learning as I go.
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