Veiled Chams NEED veg?


I've heard from many sources that veiled chams will eat greens like spinach or collard greens. Is that true from your experience and if yes is it necessary cause i already gutload all my insects with fresh veg.


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I can't hurt to offer fresh greens from the gutload list found here:

You still need to gutload your feeders if you do put fresh greens in the cage. Veiled are known to munch on plants so some people will add fresh greens to keep the chameleon from eating the live plants in the cage.

Do they need it in the cage? No, but it wont hurt to offer it every now and then.

Also, avoid using spinach as a gutload. It is high in phosphorus which wont benefit the chameleon at all since the feeder insects contain all the phosphorus they need.


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@Graves923 is right, also I wouldn't use spinach because it can bind calcium in chameleons (ive only heard about this) but better safe than sorry. I would also recommend adding an artificial gut load to the mix so your cham gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs don't forget to correctly supplement too because that is crucial. good artificial gutloads are bug burger by repashy and cricket crack.


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I wouldn't use spinach because it can bind calcium in chameleons
That is correct! And older veiled will need more vegetable nutrition in their digestive system and appreciated to have his vegetables rather than the live feeders. Their appetite will definitely slow down compare with a younger veiled .


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Here are some choice for u to use as gutloading
Veggies good for chameleons include (but are not limited to) the following:
collard greens
mustard greens
dandelion greens
carrot greens
green beans
hard squashes

Fruits and veggies can be fed sparingly:

Iceberg lettuce and avocados should be avoided completely!
And if u can,get the organic one ,its much better.
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