Veiled Chameleons


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I'm trying to get my veiled's to breed. I've tried a few times taking the female over to the male's enclosure, and she has a hissy fit, literally, so I take her out. Someone suggested trying to bring the male to the females enclosure. So I did. She ignored him at first. Then threw a fit, and charged. I didn't know chams could move so fast. I took him out as he was running away...

So. What do I do? Give up? Keep trying? Any suggestions?

They do both display brilliant colours when they are in together though.
Just keep trying. She will eventually be in the mood....maybe. I personally wouldn't try it more than once a week. How old are they?
I tried putting him in her enclosure. She ignored him for about a minute, this hissed and charged. Never saw a cham move so fast.
She changes colours alot. Right now, she's green, with tan/brown patches on her. When it's lights and and she's asleep, she's a solid lime green. When I put them together, she gets alot of brilliant colours, and is covered with robin-egg blue dots. Very pretty.
The coloration you are seeing when you put the two of them together, is non-receptive....she is either gravid or not in the right cycle to mate.
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